Image by Paulo Silva

Brooklyn, NY

Tropical Leaves

Puerto Rico

Who We Are

Here at the Environmental Action Lab we strive to reconnect people to their local environment and educate communities on sustainable stewardship. We are a group of college students, professors, scientists, farmers and future leaders in the field of Urban Sustainability. The Environmental Action Lab has programs in both Brooklyn, NY and Puerto Rico, in which we educate students through field work, activism and service learning.

A Brooklyn Pigeon (Bigeon)

        In the city, pigeons are referred to as flying rats, but they used to be considered barnyard animals. Pigeons are not indigenous to the Big Apple. They were brought over from Europe during the 1600's. Since their domestication, some 6,000 years ago, pigeons have been supplying humanity with food, fertilizer, entertainment (pigeon racing), and even medicine.


        Bigeon and his comrades live in urban centers across the globe. Researchers say there are approximately 4 million pigeons in NYC. These feral birds are descendent of rock doves and messenger pigeons. Bigeon and his unique heritage shows us how to be resilient for climate change. By taking a holistic view of a problem, we at the Environmental Action love our friend Bigeon and all he represents. 

Our Mascot