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Generation Z led EcoVillage

Stained House
Watercolor sheep in field
House Sketch

Little Brooklyn will be an ecovillage in New York State dedicated to urban sustainability, resiliency and environmental justice. It is an opportunity for those who have never owned their home to gain physical/mental stability, sovereignty over themselves, and create generational wealth.

We are tired of inaction from elders, leaders and politicians. Since childhood, we’ve heard of the dangers of climate change in school. Now, as young adults we see that no substantial efforts have been made to confront this problem. Infact it has been allowed to grow worse as we refuse to change our ways. Those with money and influence manipulate the system so it benefits their needs alone, even if it’s the detriment of the earth and the rest of humanity. 

Through founding an ecovillage and a land cooperative, we are reclaiming are sovereignty. Humans are not meant to live a 9-5 lifestyle, so let’s take our time back. Let's do work that is meaningful to us. Let's do work that helps our families and community. There’s nothing wrong with living a modest lifestyle and it turns out Money doesn’t equal happiness (cite) Owning land and having a home is the only way to accumulate intergenerational wealth. We see countless poor POC trapped in the rat race paying everything they make to afford rent. Often rent prices are the same or even higher than mortgage payments (cite) The powers that be don’t care or have the political will to help ordinary people. So why don’t we help our selves. By owning land cooperatively we can take back basic agency and have actual human rights. We could give everyone we care about food water and shelter if we work together. By all splitting a down payment on a vast rural plot of land we can get out of the rat race of paying rent. Paying off a mortgage collectively can equal a monthly Netflix subscription. We can develop a community that works with nature as opposed to agenst it. Rain water from roof tops can feed garden beds. The sun and geothermal energy can power our homes. Intelligent home design can provide everyone with their own space well still feeling like a community.

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