Brooklyn, NY


YIMBY stands for "Yes In My Backyards" what are we saying yes to? Well urban farming of course. In a world of globlized food systems, it is critical that we make people food secure. A major part of that food security comes from growing your own food and knowing how to do so in a sustainable way.


The Environmental Action Lab offers workshops taught by experienced community educators in the areas of environmental stewardship, urban ecology, herbalism, horticulture and urban farming. Our workshops provide immersive hands-on experiences that encourage the attainment of practical real world skills.

Service Learning

Service learning provides students with an immersive education experience that cannot be replicated in a traditional class room. It is one thing to learn the theories of environmental justice, but here at the Environmental Action Lab we give students a practical education they can apply to the their everyday lives.

Puerto Rico

Study Abroad

Environmental Sustainability of Island Communities


Our study abroad program is the core of Puerto Rico Environmental Action Lab. We provide students with an opportunity to participate in hands on service learning related to environmental resilience and sustainability. Students can earn up to six academic credits for a three week intensive experience and conduct anthro-environmental research. Our study abroad program is offered through CUNY.

Agro-Ecology Lab

Puerto Rico Environmental Action Lab is in the process of building sustainable student housing in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, as well as an experimental food forest that will be designed and operated by students and serve as an agricultural research lab.

Cliffside Herbal Apothecary

Cliffside Herbal Apothecary is the business side of our agro-ecology lab, where ancient Boricua techniques meet the modern capatalistic world. By reconnecting people to this ancient knowledge, we present the cultural and economic value of local fauna and traditional wisdom.