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Agro-Ecology Lab

Cliffside Herbal Apocathary

On September 20th, 2017 Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico devastating the lives of thousands. The island suffered massive power outages and one third of homes were damaged or destroyed. This disaster highlighted the weaknesses in Puerto Rico's decaying infrastructure due to financial hardships, as a result of a dysfunctional colonial relationship with the United States. Puerto Rico Environmental Action Lab is an organization composed of primarily CUNY and SUNY students, majoring in environmentally related fields. Our goal is to create supportive partnerships with CSAs, farms, non-profits and other environmental organizations in Puerto Rico. We support a culture of empowerment, self determination and decolonization through research, social activism, networking and student internships.

About Us

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 "If Puerto Rico’s resiliency/sovereignty movement was granted more support and encouragement from groups within the states they could quickly rise to becoming a global leader in sustainable development."

-Gabriela Miranda-Diaz


Founders Note

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