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The Team

Who We Are


Ian Evans

Head of Permaculture

At age 16, Ian Evans, fourth generation Brooklynite, transformed his backyard into a permaculture garden with four hens. Since then, his flock has grown to twelve and his passion for permaculture has become a life path. In 2021, Ian graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Urban Sustainability and a minor in Health and Nutrition. While there, he conducted research on food insecurity amongst college students. As well as having research experience, Ian has trades experience in electrical, plumbing and landscaping. Currently, Ian is honing his skills as an environmental educator by working as an Urban Park Ranger with NYC Parks.


Gabriela Miranda-Diaz

Chief Sustainability Officer

Since childhood, Gabriela Miranda-Diaz has been an outspoken advocate for social and environmental equity. In 2021, she graduated from the CUNY BA program with a bachelors degree in Environmental Sustainability. During her studies, she conducted scientific research in conservation biology and food security in New York City and Puerto Rico. Since graduating, Gabriela has worked for NYC Parks, as a wildlife monitor and, currently, as an Urban Park Ranger. Her first published work, a chapter in Decolonizing Paradise, was released in October 2022 by Peter Lang Publishing.



Moustafa Machaal

Chief Financial Officer

Since childhood, Moustafa has had a mind for business and the accompanying mathematics. Today, he is TEAL's head entrepreneur and financial manager. Besides handling our numbers and business partnerships, Moose uses his hands on trade experience in landscaping, electrical and contracting, to forward our business ventures. He applies his unique brand of problem solving skills to build the impossible. His industrious work ethic, management experience and entertaining personality make him an irreplaceable member of our team.

Ali Riaz

Head of Animal Welfare

Ali Riaz is an animal care professional with over a year of experience as a vet tech. In that time, he has assisted in countless surgical procedures. Ali plans on continuing his education to become a veterinarian and open up his own clinic/ animal rescue.


Dr.Rosalina Diaz

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Diaz has taught Anthropology, Education and Women’s Studies with the City University of New York for over 20 years. She served as Supervising Anthropology Instructor for the world renowned American Museum of Natural History. She received her doctorate in Urban Education with a minor in Anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2006. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of

Anthropology at Medgar Evers College, CUNY, where she focuses on culturally responsive teaching practices. She has written several articles, books and chapters on the subject of multicultural education, gender and indigeneity. Her most recent research on the Taino, “El Grito de Caguana”, was published in 'O Brave New World:' The

Archaeology of Identity in Contexts of Dissonance, In D. F. George and B. Kurchin (Eds.), University of Florida Press, 2019.

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