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Image by Dillon Fancher


TEAL Farm will be an agro-ecology lab and eco-village located in Central, NY. Our aim is to develop a community that works with nature as opposed to against it. The eco-village will sustain itself through grants and selling cottage goods, such as soap, preserves and honey. As a community, our goal will be to pay off the farm, sustain livelihoods on the land and grow to take on new investments and members. Our team is currently in the process of negotiations for a parcel of land.

Our Objectives.

TEAL is a multi-phase startup with the mission of  empowering marginalized and vulnerable populations through agroforestry, sustainable infrastructure and a democratic community structure. Our primary objective is to create a self-sufficient ecovillage and environmental education center in Central New York. The center would include indoor education facilities, food forests, active ecological restoration sites, and wilderness preserve. TEAL would serve the following functions:

  • Facilitate environmental programs and outdoor recreation for disenfranchised groups (primarily inner-city residents), including nature exploration hikes, and workshops on permaculture and outdoors skills. 

  • Create and showcase sustainably built, ecologically restorative, energy efficient facilities.

  • Partner with local public K-12 schools to provide experiential learning for local youth, and train teachers on how to integrate environmental sustainability into the school curriculum.

  • Support environmental and agroforestry research activities with our educational partners in Higher Education, including the indexing of  all the species on our land and the tracking of our permaculture projects, and the training of future environmental educators and activists.

  • Provide a replicable model for a sustainable future in the face of climate change, environmental crisis and social inequity.

  • Serve as a residential sanctuary by providing housing for people who have never owned their home to establish financial stability and sovereignty.

Our Core Values


The authority of a state to govern itself. Our goal as a group is to gain independence, so that we are no longer forced to rely on the unjust systems that exist. We will govern ourselves as a community, individuals free to pursue our own passions, while coexisting and collaborating. We will gain sovereignty through building off-grid infrastructure and caring for the land. It will provide us with everything we need to survive and more.


A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly. Decisions will be made by voting. Everyone is given the right to state their case. All members will vote. The majority wins.


Meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our current society is compromising the needs of future generations by destroying the planet. There are enough resources on Earth to sustain everyone without us irrevocably damaging the environment. We are suffering due to unequitable resource distribution and hoarding. As a community, we will not repeat those mistakes. We will balance environmental, sociological and economic factors to fulfill our duties to ourselves, each other and future generations.


The quality of being fair and impartial. As individuals, we all have different circumstances. Resources and opportunity will be distributed to reach an outcome in which we are equals.


The practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit. We will care for each other and share goods, resources and services. Nature is the ultimate provider. Even when we destroy it, nature gives. It produces everything humans need; oxygen, food, water, shelter. In return for those services, we will care for the land through ecological restoration, stewardship and sustainable resource management.

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